maximize the value of ALL your data

 Look at data in a radical different way.

Our solution, currently one of the fastest in the market, will give you insights in all different types of data, structured and unstructured. It will answer your questions and even those questions you did not know to ask, in real time.

SynerScope reduces costs by reducing the "time to insight". These insights will improve your productivity, transparency, and speed to market. We reduce your data complexity issues for you to gain competitive advantage. We have solutions in the following areas:

Financial services

We can help you create a Data-Driven Advantage in Financial Services. Whether in the Insurance Industry or the Banking Industry.

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Critical Infrastructure

We support governments and (semi) public organizations in providing the data they need to confront a wide variety of threats.

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Cyber Security

Protect your enterprise. In recent years there has been a big strategic change in how companies deal with Cyber Security.

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We can help you reshape the way your organization approaches data privacy under GDPR.

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