Why stick to numbers based BI only? 

When Big Data can be made ready for use today! 



How nice would it be to merge piles of numerical and photo data on the spot. Or combine video-, text- and voice with your numerical data. Changing your data inputs or parameters instantly. And having the resulting information on your screens real time. Without the delay caused by traditional data preparation and analysis. This could be your Big Data world!

SynerScope has developed a patented  (eco)system for combining and analyzing all kinds of data: numerical, text, video/voice, IoT, structured and unstructured, real time and historical. For large to massive data sets. The first one able to easily match several kinds of data and thus creating valuable decisive information.

-synerscope_ecosystem -.png


Working in the cloud, using available immense compute and memory horsepower, the SynerScope system works super fast on raw data inputs and enables you to take any decision on actual information any moment you want.


Every combination of data sources is possible. Adding new data sets, with a simple click, whenever you like. Increasing or decreasing the number of screens as much as you want or need to. The system can be used by unlimited number of employees at the same time.


All screens together provide a holistic view of your subject. Information presented clear and attractive: graphs, charts, tables, photo sorts, video, ….. Easy to read, easy to work with and easy to share for full collaboration across departments.



This new tool brings you much more, better and complete information for your strategic and daily operational (business) decisions. High operating speed together with a design aimed at a low-run cost will not only create an attractive ROI, but will also be a potential money maker, or save lives. Read our use cases and get interested.