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SynerScope at the World Wide Web 2014 conference

SynerScope presents results of Web observation study at the Web Science track of the World Wide Web conference. This large scale study in collaboration with the VU University Amsterdam combines visualization with R analysis and Apache Pig run on the Dutch SURFsara scientific Hadoop cluster.


Synerscope is proud to present at the SAP startup pavilion DEMO Enterprise

Synerscope presents its active-discovering Solution at DEMO Enterprise San Francisco. We will show companies fast turnaround data exploration at a fraction of the costs. Compared to complex analytic platforms for structured semi-structured and unstructured data.

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University of Technology Eindhoven

SynerScope is based on technology developed within the visualization group of the department of Computer Science and Mathematics at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Logo NVidia

NVidia blogs on SynerScope: Data analysis for the rest of us. BI/Big Data analysis becomes more user-friendly with SynerScope powered by NVidia graphics hardware.

TechTour 2012

SynerScope was invited to a Tech Tour event in London, where they bring together the whole European technology ecosystem including start-ups, growth technology companies, investors and multi-national corporates.


The Dutch financial newspaper "Het Financieële Dagblad" writes Start-ups storten zich met nieuwe technologieën op Big Data (in Dutch). SynerScope enables analysis of Big Data in the financial world.


SynerScope is identified as a fraud detection tool for insurance claims in Celent's publication "Claims Fraud Detection Systems: 2012 IT Vendor Spectrum" (11/2012).


In Gartner's publication "Who's Who and What's What in the Enterprise Fraud and Misuse Management Market" (02/2012), SynerScope is presented as one of Gartner's Layer 5 vendors of Entity-Link Analysis tools.


SynerScope made it to the finals and ended – out of 200+ contestants – among the ten best innovative start-up companies with potential impact for SWIFT members.

Logo collaborations MIT - SynerScope - TU/e

SynerScope is pleased to introduce the collaborative effort between the MIT Prince of Wales Fellows, the TU/e Visualization Group and SynerScope BV