synerscope in DIA top 100

 Proud to have entered the list of Digital Insurance Agenda Insurtech 100! Thank you for considering us, we are in great company! Click on the picture below to see the full list.

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Watch SynerScope @AWSstartups

AWS visiting the SynerScope office. Watch this short movie, meet the team and learn about our technology.



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SynerScope selected to present at DIA Munich 2017, 15-16 November

We are pleased to announce that SynerScope will be attending the event with a booth and has been selected to present our innovative solution during a speaking session!

50 handpicked insurtech companies from across the globe will showcase the latest and most innovative in insurance technology - solutions that increase cost savings, boost revenues, or accelerate the digital agenda of the insurance industry in some other way. 

Additionally, several keynotes by insurance thought leaders will address the challenges of implementing new technologies, of digital transformation and of cooperating with insurtechs.

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Where to find us: Event Calendar

7 March  |  Microsoft FSI Partner event  |  Amsterdam  |  Netherlands

20-21 March  | Microsoft Partner Exec Summit 2018 'Public Safety-National Security'  |  Brussels  |  Belgium

19-22 March  |  IBM Think conference  |   Las Vegas  |  USA

22 March  | Product Leadership Day  |  Stockholm  |  Sweden

16-19 April  |  Dataworks Summit  |  Berlin  |  Germany

14-16 May  |  DigIn; The digital future of insurance  |  Austin  |  USA



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Synerscope with Microsoft at Big Data Expo 2017

SynerScope is present at the Big Data Expo 2017 in Utrecht. Visit us at STAND 41. Together with Microsoft and partners we will show you how you can get your Big Data to work.

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SynerScope is shaping the future with disruptive High Speed Big Data Analytics Technologies

SynerScope is shaping the future of Law Enforcement and National security agencies with disruptive High Speed Big Data Analytics Technologies.

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GERRIT VAN DIJK AWARD for Stef van den Elzen

Dr. ir. Stef van den Elzen, VP Engineering at Synerscope, has won the Gerrit van Dijk award for science 2017. One of three Dutch Data Science awards, the Gerrit van Dijk arward goes to best Phd thesis by a researcher who graduated between January 2014 and January 2017. Stef has won with his thesis on interactive visualization techniques as part of a successful collaboration between the TU/e and SynerScope

The Dutch Data Science Awards are an initiative of the Royal Holland society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW) and the Big Data Alliance (BDA). The festive ceremony took place on June 8, 2017 in the Hodshon House in Haarlem, The Netherlands. 

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In a recent event organized by Hortonworks, SynerScope and Inter Visual Systems, we discussed using data technologies to solve cybercrime in scale and realtime. 

Solving Cybercrime at Scale and in Realtime
Information security is a big problem today. With more attacks happening all the time, and increasingly sophisticated attacks beyond the script-kiddies of yesterday, patrolling the borders of our networks, and controlling threats both from outside and within is becoming harder. We cannot rely on endpoint protection for a few thousand PCs and servers anymore, but as connected cars, internet of things, and mobile devices become more common, so the attack surface broadens. To face these problems, we need technologies that go beyond the traditional SIEM, which human operators writing rules. We need to use the power of the Hadoop ecosystem to find new patterns, machine learning to uncover subtle signals and big data tools to help humans analysts work better and faster to meet these new threats. Apache Metron is a platform on top of Hadoop that meets these needs. Here we will look at the platform in action, and how to use it to trace a real world complex threat, and how it compares to traditional approaches. Come and see how to make your SOC more effective with automated evidence gathering, Hadoop-powered integration, and real-time detection.
Simon Elliston Ball, Director Product Management, Cyber Security, Hortonworks
Advantage of Central Security Data Lake: 
Cyber Security teams are keen on not only finding threats, but also understanding them. By putting all relevant data out of the silo'ed individual systems and into a central security data lake SynerScope greatly enhances the productivity of the Security Operation Center. The SOC is provided with operationally relevant information on as-it-happens events, as well as given the ability to hunt and discover their unknown risks within their enterprise. SynerScope Ixiwa is used to orchestrate and correlate the data, and SynerScope Iximeer is used for human-in-the loop viewing, understanding and collaboration. This combination greatly speeds up attaching new sources, reducing time to resolution and enhancing the way findings are shared within the SOC.

Jorik Blaas, CTO, SynerScope 
Secure data transmission in control room environments
Data is a major asset of any organization. Not only for commercial companies, but also for government institutions and other types of organizations, the vast amount of images, video, and data needs to be distributed throughout the organization in a fast and easy way. Control rooms are typically the central intelligence hubs of all information. However, the actual needs of the control room are not limited to the personnel within this room. It is the nerve center to communicate and collaborate with everybody involved. Stakeholders, wherever they are located, expect complete and swift communication about any possible issue and real-time status overviews. The vision of Inter Visual Systems is to offer an solution to distributes data throughout the complete organization to the right location in a fast, easy and secure way. It is even possible to share information between different secured private networks.

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SynerScope addresses your “white space” of unknown big data in your data-lake!

The Netherlands, April 4, 2017 - As every organization is fast becoming a digital organization, powerful platforms that extend the use of data are imperative to use in the enterprize world.

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