For most organizations, failure to create and execute a dark data plan as part of the cloud transition is undesirable at best and breaching data compliance at worst.

Wet open overheid (Woo): van verplichting naar verbetering…

In het programma ‘Je huis op orde’ met presentator Viktor Brand kregen gezinnen de duidelijke opdracht om afscheid te nemen van een groot deel van hun spullen zodat ze met een opgeruimd huis verder konden.

Er is een parallel te maken tussen ‘je huis op orde’ en ‘data op orde’. Zolang je teveel aan spullen binnen de rommelige structuur van je huis opgeslagen ligt lukt opruimen niet of slecht. Het bestaan van sommige dingen wordt zelfs vergeten, orde scheppen kost teveel moeite. De hulp komt van deze programmamakers met hun sporthal en team dat alles sorteert. In het virtuele huis van de data van een organisatie heb je last van een vergelijkbare rommelige structuur. De meeste inhoud van folders en documenten is vrij snel vergeten. SynerScope biedt de virtuele ‘sporthal’ in Microsoft Azurecloud; na automatisch sorteren en labelen wordt opruimen een makkie.

De digitalisering gecombineerd met een drang tot verzamelen heeft bij vele overheidsorganisaties een nagenoeg vergelijkbare chaos met digitale data veroorzaakt.

Steeds meer en steeds sneller genereren en verzamelen we data en met opslagkosten die bijna nihil groeit dat snel tot een onoverzichtelijke hoeveelheid. De verdeling naar verschillende afdelingen en naar systeemapplicaties resulteren in rigide data silo’s. Niemand kent het geheel en het is maar de vraag of de losse details goed gekend zijn…

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Don’t Leave Your Dark Data Behind When You Move To The Cloud

Improving Business Outcomes

When you are in the middle of the digital transformation to the cloud, it is relatively easy to transfer the data you know well. But what about your dark data? If you think it is difficult and costly, it does not have to be that way!

When you decide to move your data to the Azure cloud, let SynerScope guide you as our product Ixivault will let you properly manage ALL your data and drive considerable value while preventing regulatory issues that may arise if you fail to unlock that dark data.

New SynerScope App Helps you Mobilize Dark Data

Ixivault Helps Labeling and Categorizing Dark Data in the Azure Cloud

dark dataSynerScope’s Ixivault, will save you big time on getting to really know your enterprise data!

Thus Ixivault presents your organization and its users with both an overview and a granular view of the content of all the enterprise data entrusted to the Ixivault.

Once you discover what data the enterprise owns you can make much more (or better) informed decisions about.


Iximeer is designed to visualize unstructured data next to structured data. It provides a single pane of glass into tables, documents, images whether internal or external data.

With Iximeer, you can work with raw unstructured data, without extensive preparation, and still get the insights you need.

Our customers have used Iximeer to accelerate the adoption of data-driven decision-making.

Sharing knowledge


Are you interested in knowing what is happening in the world of Dark Data, Data Compliance, AI, Data Quality and other data issues? Here you can read materials written by independent writers. This should give you a good insight into why and how Ixivault, our app to uncover your dark data, fits within this market and is a solution to your dark data problems.

User Stories

In order to get the best insights, SynerScope’s technology scans, maps and manages your unstructured & structured data sources. Which will ultimately provide you with better data management decisions, mitigate risk and lower the costs of working with ALL data. See our user stories.


Here you find our upcoming events because they allow for an engaging experience with you as our audience. Register today and learn how to unlock our vision and solution on handling massive volumes of multiple types of structured and unstructured data to support you with important strategic or daily operational decisions.

Webinars On Demand

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the latest information unlocked in our recent webinars.

The information will underwrite how to take maximum advantage of speed, scalability and cost efficiency of working with unstructured data in the cloud.

dark data

SynerScope: The Movie – A Futuristic Vision

SynerScope 2021: The Data Driven WaterBoard

Enabling Humans to Master Big Data

We provide technology to aid human intellect on its way to a data-driven universe.

Our products & solutions are already in use at some of the world’s Fortune 5000 companies.

How insight into ‘dark data’ contributes to a data-driven Waterschap (Water Board)

Waterschap Drents Overijsselse Delta talks about obtaining new insights from the strategic use of data to optimize its processes and offer more transparency in accordance with government guidelines.

What Others Say About Us

It may be difficult to explain conceptually what SynerScope brings, but when you see it, something special happens! It facilitates the entire process of accelerating the creation of insight.

SynerScope is helping us to anticipate on changing circumstances through gathering data more efficient and very fast thus being able to compare this data with our historical data.

SynerScope Ixiwa (which is from a Dutch dialect meaning “I see something”) might best be described as a data lake management product that covers everything from automated ingestion, through discovery and cataloguing to data preparation.

BloorInDetail, 2018

The support of SynerScope and KPMG have helped Vivat to activate its customers in full accordance with its duties, and to full satisfaction of the AFM. We managed to complete this within the tight deadlines that were set for this project. KPMG’s experience in risk and compliance with the fast and flexible data analysis tooling from SynerScope, and a tight collaboration with the colleagues of Vivat were crucial for our success in this project.