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Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to SynerScope’s Ixivault to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure to drive application development and shape business strategies.

Benefitting from AI? Without knowing your data, you will miss the boat immediately

 If you want to be successful with AI, you must focus on your data first.

SynerScope inventories and shows the way in what has grown into a confusing data mountain in many companies and organizations.

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As a disruptor and innovator in information management, the world of Dark Data is our first concern.

We focus our AI powered solutions to help organizations maximize the extraction of valuable information while minimizing their risks from holding unknown content. We reduce the cost of dark data discovery thousandfold by using every advantage from an Azure Cloud First strategy.

By getting to know your data you can efficiently arrange and run protection, access control, publication, retention, AI analytics processing and the archiving and purging of your data. Resource intense discovery and labeling work is turned into highly efficient and foremost highly accurate efforts.

Our solution lives within your complex landscape of applications and data silos. To become a context rich organization, you need to make better decisions that also include the use of (dark) data.

Automatic sorting, labeling and tidying your dark data with AI !

In the virtual home of an organization’s data, you also suffer from a similar messy structure. In general, the contents of folders and documents are quickly forgotten. SynerScope offers the virtual ‘sports hall’ in Microsoft Azure cloud; after which automatic sorting, labeling and tidying becomes a breeze.

For this purpose we, at SynerScope, have developed a visual scanner of data that makes ‘cluster labeling’ possible through AI. By working with data in entire groups at the same time, we greatly accelerate the labeling process.

Data, even without meta-data, i.e. dark data or forgotten data, is automatically sorted by content. Possible labels are calculated for each cluster based on the content, after which a domain expert chooses from these labels. The data generates the labels, and people choose from them.

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In this way, well-labeled data increases the quality of the AI outcome, with less risk of bias or unethical data use. And with less resource effort and costs. But the direct costs are also lower by wasting less expensive compute power on what may later turn out to be worthless and uninformative data.

As an organization you have your own data and knowledge under control, so focus on that. This allows you to tame AI and use it for your goals, with more success, less risk and at lower costs.

SynerScope: AI makes secure and reliable data more important than ever before

The Artificial Intelligence train is moving faster and faster: ChatGPT has released AI for everyone. The result is a hype that also has it’s effect inside the boardrooms and management of companies. Almost every organization or company can and has long benefited from the use of AI already and SynerScope can help you with that.

These advances from AI make secure and reliable data more important than ever before. Because the datasets used to train AI depend on reliable input, together with knowledge of the business. No AI without HI, human intelligence.

The Netherlands is a forerunner in Europe in terms of cloud migration. The percentage of companies that have already migrated to the cloud is around 44%, with flexibility as the main reason. However, to migrate to the cloud, just like for AI purposes, you need well-labeled data, including dark data: unknown or forgotten data is hereby extremely important.


A parallel can be drawn between the SBS 6 program “your house in order” and “your data in order”. If you store too many things in the cluttered structure of your home, cleaning up will be difficult or impossible.
The existence of certain items is often forgotten, which means that creating order takes too much effort. Help comes from the program makers by way of a sports hall with a team that sorts everything. Read more…

Ixivault app

SynerScope app

SynerScope’s Ixivault, will save you big time on getting to really know your enterprise data!

Once you discover what data yor enterprise owns, you can make much more (or better) informed decisions.

Don’t Leave Your Dark Data Behind When You Move To The Cloud

Improving Business Outcomes

When you are in the middle of the digital transformation to the cloud, it is relatively easy to transfer the data you know well. But what about your dark data? If you think it is difficult and costly, it does not have to be that way!

When you decide to move your data to the Azure cloud, let SynerScope guide you as our product Ixivault will let you properly manage ALL your data and drive considerable value while preventing regulatory issues that may arise if you fail to unlock that dark data.

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Sharing knowledge


Are you interested in knowing what is happening in the world of Dark Data, Data Compliance, AI, Data Quality and other data issues? Here you can read materials written by independent writers. This should give you a good insight into why and how Ixivault, our app to uncover your dark data, fits within this market and is a solution to your dark data problems.

User Stories

In order to get the best insights, SynerScope’s technology scans, maps and manages your unstructured & structured data sources. Which will ultimately provide you with better data management decisions, mitigate risk and lower the costs of working with ALL data. See our user stories.


Here you find our upcoming events because they allow for an engaging experience with you as our audience. Register today and learn how to unlock our vision and solution on handling massive volumes of multiple types of structured and unstructured data to support you with important strategic or daily operational decisions.

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The information will underwrite how to take maximum advantage of speed, scalability and cost efficiency of working with unstructured data in the cloud.

SynerScope: The Movie – A Futuristic Vision

SynerScope 2021: The Data Driven WaterBoard

Enabling Humans to Master Big Data

We provide technology to aid human intellect on its way to a data-driven universe.

Our products & solutions are already in use at some of the world’s Fortune 5000 companies.

How insight into ‘dark data’ contributes to a data-driven Waterschap (Water Board)

Waterschap Drents Overijsselse Delta talks about obtaining new insights from the strategic use of data to optimize its processes and offer more transparency in accordance with government guidelines.

What Others Say About SynerScope

It may be difficult to explain conceptually what SynerScope brings, but when you see it, something special happens! It facilitates the entire process of accelerating the creation of insight.

SynerScope is helping us to anticipate on changing circumstances through gathering data more efficient and very fast thus being able to compare this data with our historical data.

SynerScope Ixiwa (which is from a Dutch dialect meaning “I see something”) might best be described as a data lake management product that covers everything from automated ingestion, through discovery and cataloguing to data preparation.

BloorInDetail, 2018

The support of SynerScope and KPMG have helped Vivat to activate its customers in full accordance with its duties, and to full satisfaction of the AFM. We managed to complete this within the tight deadlines that were set for this project. KPMG’s experience in risk and compliance with the fast and flexible data analysis tooling from SynerScope, and a tight collaboration with the colleagues of Vivat were crucial for our success in this project.