SynerScope creates next-generation vision and solutions to help organizations become more effective in using and controlling all of their data. Unlike traditional data solutions, we have added a strong focus on Dark Data. This is all data that is forgotten and gives nothing but loss of potential value, unknown risks and increased costs to your organization.

Linking structured and unstructured data, in a mix of known and unknown content, and taken from across multiple silos brings the rich context needed for a fast human-machine interaction to get to know the data well. This new knowledge about the data drives every other process with data and information, from purging, storing, archiving, protecting, access control, auditing to selecting for AI.

Microsoft Azure

Our solutions, being Microsoft Azure native, provide you with a serverless elastic compute and memory infrastructure on-demand. This facilitates timely, secure, and cost-effective processing of the data content input. Your organization can now label the data at speed for better targeted storing, archiving and retrieval. To be data centric helps with fostering your data driven strategy. We make any process that involves reading documents at scale a thing from the past. You can get a Terabyte of data (about 75 million pages) sorted and labeled for 1/1000th of the effort and cost.

Ixivault & Iximeer

SynerScope delivers easy to use, affordable and highly effective solutions based on the flagship products  Ixivault and Iximeer. In order to support you when you need data the most: when important strategic or daily operational decisions must be made. Or to show you at one glance promising strategic business opportunities.

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SynerScope was founded in 2011 as a spin-off of Eindhoven University. It is headquartered in the Netherlands with an office in Helvoirt, The Netherlands. Today the company employs 27 people and works with Global partners like KPMG, Microsoft, KPN. Leading companies such as Achmea, Exxon, Shell, Stedin, Vivat and Volksbank use SynerScope solutions for their Big Data initiatives.