Jan-Kees Buenen

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Jan-Kees has strong executive experience in multiple international packaging companies. Holding commercial leadership roles at European and Global level he pushed working with data throughout his enterprise career.

From the early nineties he led multiple initiatives for BI, Budgeting Systems, Production forecasting & Logistics, CRM, EDI, Intranet and Extranet, Self-Billing and supply chain tracing and modeling. He was part of management teams that transformed manufacturing through SPC (statistical process control) and Visual Management to help push autonomous manufacturing teams to a next level.

In 2007 Jan-Kees recognized an opportunity for injecting similar methods and approaches to knowledge worker management and their business processes. With hands-on experience on the transformative power of providing the teams and people of an organization with instant visual feedback he now set out to extend this to the internal processes and client interactions of an organization. He brought together a team of leading scientists and engineers in the field of computer vision and high-performance- compute. Building on the many recent advances in computer technology and cloud technology his team was able to provide a next level system for knowledge workers use raw data including even the unstructured parts such as large volumes of text and digital images as a direct source of information to guide the improvements of their actions.

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