Mike Gries

Commercial Director

For more than 20 years, Mike has been working in the financial sector. Mainly for technology companies in general end responsibility for operational and financial management, business development, strategic selling and in advisory. In all of them he contributed to the success of his customers and my company. He has a lot of experience in terms of managing the business, business development and lead companies to success. In the last 20 years he gained a lot of experience in the finance market.

In the coming years, the existing financial institutions will face additional pressure of increasing risk and compliance burdens. They are challenged by the (new) consumer questioning the relevancy and is looking for meaning and value. New initiatives will take the existing to the test. Those who know how to connect with consumers and society will be the winners. SynerScope is bringing state of the art technology, capabilities and possibilities to the finance market to help organizations simplify, change and adapt to challenges the market is facing.

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