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Webinar: Your Data House in Order for the Open Government Act (Woo)

(Webinar in Dutch)

September 13th, 2022

Digitization combined with an urge to collect data can lead to a chaos of digital data, spread over different silos within your company.
The Open Government Act is of great importance to national, regional, and local governments.
To be able to comply with the obligation that public access becomes a right of citizens and a duty of the government, the data house must be put in order to determine, often attempted via responsible AI, which data should be kept, destroyed, or anonymized.
This webinar will showcase how to turn the Woo from obligation into an opportunity.

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Webinar Lawfare, datascience & legal engineering

(Webinar in Dutch | i.s.m. Cyber Innovation Hub)

October 21th, 2021

This webinar is part of a meeting organized by the Cyber Innovation Hub. This webinar discusses the importance of Lawfare, countering fake news and improving compliance in complex supply chains.
The various speakers give meaning to Digitization, standards engineering and Context mining and attribution.

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Webinar: Concrete steps towards a data-driven local government

(Webinar in Dutch)

February 17th, 2021

During this webinar you will be shown how to unlock your archive material (the unstructured data) and connect it to the current/new data from inside and outside the organization to make better analyzes and decisions.
Based on a practical case, we discuss how the scalability and efficiency of Azure is used to achieve this. By using Azure, SynerScope is able to transfer the archive data unseen in a ‘low touch’ bulk process. This creates a data vault in your own Cloud tenant in which data can be automatically scanned, sorted, indexed, and assessed for Pii sensitivities.
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Webinar: Compliance 2022, how to organize next-level insight into your data?

(Webinar in Dutch)

Januari 21st, 2021

This webinar explains how SynerScope, based on Microsoft Azure, helps financial institutions achieve this next-level insight by connecting all data from all applications, databases and archives. With this approach and special technology used, new possibilities arise to find and identify suspicious persons, entities and money or it reveals patterns that indicate suspicious activities. The basis is a cloud-based data vault. All data and all processing remains under your own control within your exclusive Azure tenant.

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Webinar: How insight into ‘dark data’ contributes to a data-driven Water Board

(Webinar in Dutch)

Januari 21st, 2021

Data changes the way in which Water Boards fulfill their primary tasks. Data-driven decision-making is becoming increasingly important in ensuring sufficient clean drink water and protecting The Netherlands against too much rainwater and flooding. A current challenge is unlocking historical data to relate it to current and future data. In this webinar, we will describe a practical case at Waterschap Drents Overijsselse Delta to explain how the scalability and efficiency of Azure is used in collaboration with SynerScope. The Water Board data is transferred unseen by a low-touch bulk process. This creates a data vault in its own cloud tenant in which data can be automatically scanned, sorted, indexed, and assessed for Pii sensitivities

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