Want to have more information faster? SynerScope helps to breakdown the boundaries between structured and unstructured data.

How to realize the full potential of your data?

When a vision becomes reality.

Celebrating our consistent vision regarding economizing structured AND unstructured data.

There is no doubt that everything nowadays becomes data! People, things and processes all have a digital representation that will gain in granularity over time.

You know it is going to happen so you need to bring your company to the forefront of this exciting future by unlocking all your data at the speed of light for economic growth.

At SynerScope, we see a symbiosis developing at the human interface level, between man, his computer and the data. Thus we created the solutions, tools and services to help you – our customer – to benefit from these groundbreaking innovations through processing all sorts of raw data into high-value information. In real-time and being able to select any combination of data at the snap of a finger.


For that reason, we developed two products: Ixiwa for capturing, handling and integrating any type of enterprise data. And Iximeer for interaction, analytics and visualization of the data. On top of that, we have built a comprehensive set of services to ensure that you derive the best value of your data and our solutions.

So let’s explore this thrilling new world of structured and unstructured data that forms the nervous system under the surface of your business. To guarantee a continuous license to operate on all the data brought together: Governance, Data Control & Transparency, the original building blocks of both our products.


SynerScope 2018: a vision turned into reality

SynerScope: The Movie – 2012: a futuristic vision

Improving Business Outcomes

At SynerScope we focus on Information Supply Chain Acceleration, we systematically remove the many bottlenecks in the process from data to information value. Data-driven decision-making comes within reach of every knowledge worker in the enterprise.

Our strategy proved to be successful. We are proud of being able to create groundbreaking solutions for leading customers.

Enabling Humans to Master Big Data

We use technology to aid human intellect on its way to a data-driven universe.

Along the way, we have developed groundbreaking inventions, some of which have been patented. We have designed and tested the required workflows in the field. Our products & solutions are already in use at some of the world’s Fortune 5000 companies.

And we are happy to have found partners in the leading Cloud providers of this world.