Open Government Act: getting your information house in order just like ‘getting your house in order’

Open Government Act (Woo): from obligation to improvement… In the program “Sort Your Life Out” with presenter Stacey Solomon, families were given the clear task of saying goodbye to a […]

Artificial Intelligence is Only as Good as Data Labeling

Data Labeling with SynerScope Recent events in my home country inspired me to write this blog. Every day we hear stories about businesses and government organizations struggling to sufficiently understand […]

Handling Redress and Remediation

Redress and Remediation No organization wants to move into a redress and remediation process. But, once you do, time is of the essence. Launching a redress investigation can happen suddenly. […]

Using Dynamic Data Labelling to Drive Business Value

Dynamic Data Labelling with Ixivault Before deriving any value from data, you need to find and retrieve relevant data. Search allows you to achieve that goal. However, for ‘search’ to […]

Moving to the Azure cloud: unpacking dark data

Moving to the Azure cloud? Today, more and more businesses are moving to the cloud – to automate and take advantage of AI and scalable storage, and to reduce costs […]

Ixivault in the Azure Cloud

Ixivault Helps Labeling and Categorizing Dark Data in the Azure Cloud

Ixivault, a managed app on Microsoft Azure Your organization’s dark data presents challenges when you move to the cloud. Yet, leaving it in a current location is also not the […]

Delving into Dark Data on Azure – Data Governance in the Cloud

For most organizations, dark data is a vague concept, the knowledge that, somewhere, you have vast amounts of stored data – and you have no real idea what it is. […]

Is Your Organization Prepared to Manage Dark Data?

The Business Value of Mining Dark Data in Azure Infrastructure As organizations accelerate the pace of digital transformations, most are moving to the cloud. In 2019, 91% of organizations had […]

Ixivault™ – Complete View & Control of Your Data in the Cloud

Ixivault™ – software to get on top of all your enterprise data The cloud offers compute, memory and storage horsepower and efficient cost to get every bit of information extracted […]

Real-time Insight in All Data, Present and Past

The promise of data-driven working is great: risk-based inspection, finding new revenue models, reducing costs and delivering better products and services. Every company wants this, but it often fails. The […]

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