SynerScope demonstrates the power of Artificial Intelligence for Insurers

October 4, 2016 The Netherlands –

This week data analytics specialist SynerScope will use Insurance Analytics Europe in London to showcase the enormous potential of Artificial Intelligence-driven applications for the insurance industry.

The Internet of Things is creating an unprecedented volume of information which threatens to overwhelm conventional means of analysis. Together with AI computing company NVIDIA, SynerScope is using a branch of Artificial Intelligence called Deep Learning to unlock the ‘black box’ of data and exploit its potential to help the insurance industry make better underwriting decisions. SynerScope is used to looking beneath the surface. Its background is in MRI scanning and equipment of the kind used to look beneath the layers of paint on old masters’ artwork. Now SynerScope is applying its expertise to the growing volumes of data that insurers collect and turning them into actionable insights like reducing claims and preventing accidents. (see FT article October 3, 2016)

SynerScope is using the NVIDIA DGX 1, designed as a ‘plug and play’ deep learning supercomputer in a box, to accelerate Deep Learning for the insurance world. Deep Learning, which teaches computers to solve problems and find meaning by training them with huge amounts of data, is replacing handcrafted features with efficient algorithms for unsupervised or semi-supervised feature learning and hierarchical feature extraction.

The end-goal for SynerScope is help insurers open up their data lake through the application of deep learning as a compliment to their staff’s expertise.

Alastair Houston, Financial Service Industries Sales Manager at NVIDIA, said: “Across the world, industries seeking to realise the potential of Deep Learning are converging on NVIDIA’s computing platform. Now, by partnering with SynerScope at Insurance Analytics Europe, our aim is to educate the insurance sector about the game-changing impact deep learning can have, uncovering valuable insights which would otherwise lie undiscovered in their data lakes.” 

By combining NVIDIA’s deep learning compute platform with its applications for the insurance industry, SynerScope is eliminating the need for substantial data cleaning and data modelling and ensuring efficiency in creating insight. For further information please see SynerScope at booth 10 at the event.


About SynerScope

SynerScope, the next generation platform that provides analytics solutions to help discover critical insights from massive amounts of data, including dark data, and turning it into useful information and insights.

SynerScope combines Scientific Visualization Technologies (MRI scanner), ultrafast predictive analytics and machine learning on top of its proprietary enterprise data navigation, -search and -linking.

SynerScope’s offering is delivered through a tight integration of technologies. Its unique back-end software called Legato 2.0, parses the data sources in an instant at scale to provide a head-start to any analytics projects by providing a coherent overview. It works equally well with data where no reliable data-scheme is available. From Legato 2.0 we ingest the data into our front-end software Marcato 4.0, it’s screens designed for collaborative discovery from raw data.

This technology stack provides enterprises high speed detection of abnormal behaviours and anomalies in complex data. SynerScope operates in the following sectors: Banking, Insurance, Critical Infrastructure, and now also in Cyber Security. Learn more at

SynerScope has strategic partnerships with NVIDIA, Hortonworks, IBM, Dell, SAP.


Media contacts

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Marieke Beijsens

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IBM & Hortonworks collaboration

Imagine the excitement here at SynerScope when Hortonworks and IBM announced their collaboration to offer Open Source Distribution on Power Systems. We are working both with the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and the Power8 with it’s 2 X 12 Core and 3GHz CPU, 2 X NVidia K80 GPU and 1 TB of memory(!) Besides the obvious excitement from a technical point of view (high geek alert), this new partnership will enable us to better serve our customers.

For enterprise users running POWER8-based systems, the first microprocessor designed for big data and analytics, Hortonworks provides a new distribution option for selecting a cost-effective platform for running their big data and analytics workloads. This open source Hadoop and Spark distribution will complement the performance of Power Systems by allowing clients to quickly gain business insights from their structured and unstructured data. Adding SynerScope pushes the efficiency and impact of this new combination getting to insights from data even faster. With SynerScope they get an All in 1 solution: flexible, user-friendly, visual and at scale. It is not only about finding patterns, but about understanding them by bringing all data sources together in one single visual environment.

We will be the first working with the new Hortonworks-Power8 combination and we will keep you posted about solution launches with Hortonworks HDP and Power8 .


IBM’s Power8 & Synerscope join forces

Discover smart insights of all data-types with next generation data analysis to benefit your business, fast!

With the enormous computing power of the Power8 and the next generation analysis of SynerScope combined, we are able to process structured, unstructured and Dark Data fast.

  • Does your business have high transactional volumes
  • Do you work with Sensor signals (IoT)
  • Do you work with digital photo and video
  • Do you want to know large scale network behavior
  • Do you have two or more factors at play in your business?

Watch what we can do

Best Doctoral Project 2015 by Stef van den Elzen

Stef van de Elzen, Visualisation Architect at SynerScope has won best doctoral project 2015 of the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). The festive closing of the Academic Year 2015 – 2016 of Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) took place on Friday 1st July 2016.

“The jury has selected the thesis of dr Stef van der Elzen as the best PhD thesis of 2015.The thesis addressed not only in a scientific sound and fundamental manner the topic of “Interactive Visualization of Dynamic Multivariate Networks”; it did this in a very comprehensive manner that included user studies and also a clear perspective on application areas outside the scope of the thesis.”

We congratulate Stef on this achievement.

View Best Doctoral Award here


FinTech50 2016

On April 5 was announced that SynerScope is selected from over 1200 companies in Europe as one of the FinTech50 2016. We are proud to belong to this select group for a third time in a row!


SynerScope joins the OpenPOWER Foundation

We are proud to annouce the company has joined the OpenPOWER Foundation, an open development community based on the POWER microprocessor architecture.

SynerScope joins a growing roster of technology organizations working collaboratively to build advanced server, networking, storage and acceleration technology as well as industry leading open source software aimed at delivering more choice, control and flexibility to developers of next-generation, hyperscale and cloud data centers.  The group makes POWER hardware and software available to open development for the first time, as well as making POWER intellectual property licensable to others, greatly expanding the ecosystem of innovators on the platform.

To learn more about OpenPOWER and to view the complete list of current members, go to

#OpenPOWER to join the conversation

Kaspersky and Synerscope join forces to battle cyberthreats with Big Aata Analytics

We are thrilled to announce the partnership between Kaspersky Lab, the world largest privately owned cybersecurity company and SynerScope. We will work together to build a unique innovative offering in the fight against fraud and financially based cybercrime by combining Kaspersky Lab’s powerful Fraud Prevention solutions with SynerScope’s ultra-fast big data analytics technologies. Together, Kaspersky Labs and SynerScope provide a unique sharable interface on cyber data that has tremendous potential. The partnership is set to shape the future of cybersecurity, law enforcement and intelligence services.

CEO of SynerScope, Jan-Kees Buenen says: “With our technology, we can take structured and unstructured data from malware, phishing, spam, texting, social media and digital images and reveal a clearer picture of cyberthreats faced by organisations. This is achieved by running the data through ultra-fast appliances using Dell, IBM and Nvidia components which drastically increases the volume of data that can be brought into scope. In turn, this enables security experts to better understand and make better decisions on how to thwart imminent attacks.” “The future of understanding malware, threats, intrusion and abnormal behaviours lies in data science technologies, ultrafast predictive analytics and machine learning, thus, together with Kaspersky Lab we can take cybersecurity to a new frontier.”

Alex Moiseev, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab Europe, said he sees great potential in his company’s partnership with SynerScope. “Not only do we see an immediate opportunity to combine our technologies and create an offering of genuine value that can help in the fight against fraud and cybercrime, but we see future opportunities to work together to create cutting edge and never-seen-before solutions to shore up cybersecurity defences and keep the financial industry safe,” Moiseev said. “It’s just the beginning of our relationship with SynerScope, but we can already see a path upon which to walk with them. I am confident that with our combined strengths, intelligence and research capabilities, it’s a path which will lead us to exciting developments in years to come.”



Synerscope is now certified partner with Hortonworks

We are thrilled to announce the certification of SynerScope on Hortonworks data platform! As of now Hadoop based data can be accessed directly from SynerScope.