for Cyber Security


In recent years there has been a big strategic change in how companies deal with Cyber Security. Businesses have come to realize that the Fort Knox approach of placing big walls around critical data is not enough and there's a real need for greater situational awareness.

Cyber security goals are shifting. Simply placing a lock and deadbolt on every door is not a viable answer anymore. Rule based systems fall short and in a fast changing IT landscape results in too many false positives. There's also increased regulatory pressure enforcing a tighter grip on data leakage.

Determine where your risky data originates

Avoiding large fines or even losing the very license to operate for organizations in certain verticals depends on knowing better where Pii and other risky data originates, flows to, is stored, retrieved, flows again and is used by applications operated by people. The flow of data constitutes a vast network of people, data and machines.

Make better decisions on how to foil imminent attacks

A person could very well rightfully hold a key to a door but may still try to pass with a load that is not released for passage, or at least where passage should depend on the content of the data and the purpose of moving that data. What we need to understand to stay in control can no longer be derived only from structured data, but also unstructured data needs to become easily ready for inspection. SynerScope’s SPOG (single-pane-of-glass) for Cyber lets security and management view the detail of content as it is generated, stored and flowing through applications and systems and who and what application retrieves it. With SynerScope the security staff and business management can better weigh access risk against access value. For the financial sectors SynerScope will deliver a full transparent report for regulatory purposes.