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SynerScope for Financial Services

We can help you create a Data-Driven Advantage in Financial Services. Whether in the Insurance Industry or the Banking Industry.


In the era of increasing communication, information and online services, the insurance industry is undergoing a radical transformation. On top of that results on the financial markets are limited and regulators are demanding greater focus on solvability.

SynerScope is helping leading insurance companies transform their business into data-driven organisations with first results within weeks. Thanks to the turn-key solution provided by the SynerScope appliance, the focus can be put on the most important area: performing analytics.

Data collected in Insurance Companies typically consists of records of insured objects and claims. With SynerScope software all kinds of data can be reviewed to generate immediate insight, gain a deeper understanding of clients behaviour and make the right business decisions. 

Read the SMA report by Mark Breading on a study about the development of smart cities and what this means for the insurance industry (Breading M, 2017. Smart cities and Insurance. Exploring the Implications. Strategy Meets Action)

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As is the case in the insurance industry, the banking industry is undergoing a radical transformation. Having lost the trust of their customers, banks are seeing a new generation of Fintech businesses emerge that are looking to disrupt the industry and steal market share. These data savvy businesses are innovating financial services and reinventing the customer experience.

Risk management and Customer Data are the two key areas in the banking industry accumulating massive amounts of data that needs to be analyzed. Banks are working with SynerScope to leverage the value of data and turn challenges into opportunities. It is helping them to gain competitive advantage, reduce costs and and minimize risk in real-time. While other solutions provide a 360 ‘’ customer view, SynerScope provides a 720 ’’ customer view by adding context and analytics to the regular customer journey.