GDPR, a risk based approach to safe guarding privacy


Starting may 25th 2018, you must be able to proof compliance with European privacy regulations (AVG/GDPR) at any time. If you are not able to show that you are in control, you risk fines, reputation damage and possibly a loss of your license to operate.

These risks are easily prevented by means of innovative SynerScope technology. Use our platform to find all relevant data, either structured or unstructured, and open it up for control, data government and maintainability. This way you are immediately able to become GDPR compliant.

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GDPR case study SynerScope


Specifically for insurance, the new “International Financial Reporting Standard 17” legislation is very relevant. This standard has severe impact on all financial reporting. Though it comes into effect only in 2021, the required preparation affects your complete reporting process and the relevant data sources. Our innovative technology supports you in finding the gap between your current reporting and IFRS17. In addition, we can recommend solutions to bridge this gap.


SynerScope develops brand new technology for automated data checks on both structured and unstructured data, based on our seamless relation detection in various data (numerical, imaging, text, sensor). Speed is guaranteed on our cloud clusters running machine learning and business intelligence. Our platform is ready to operate after a very brief set-up. Want to know more? Check our product pages.

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