Improving Business Outcomes

At SynerScope, we are passionate about the opportunities that data provide to the world for making better decisions. For doing smarter business, for healing people, reducing risks, developing new products and services for new customers…. in short, to make the world a better place.

That is the vision.

To leverage data for those purposes, some technical boundaries must be broken. We want to contribute to breaking a few of the most challenging ones.

That’s our mission.

What limitations do we want to raise? They mainly have to do with challenge of handling massive volumes of multiple types structured and unstructured data. In parallel and in real time. That is one.

The other is how to derive valuable insights from that data. How to navigate the data lake we created in order to find new routes, new territories, new possibilities?

So what did we do?

We developed two products for addressing these challenges: Ixiwa for capturing, handling and integrating the data. And Iximeer for interaction, analytics and visualization.

Also, we build a comprehensive set of services to ensure customer success. And we entered partnerships with the leading organizations in the field of technology, market research and science.

Our strategy proved to be successful. We are proud of being able to create groundbreaking solutions for leading customers. And the best and the brightest people choose SynerScope for pursuing their career.

We invite you – as a customer or as a job candidate – to join our exciting world that will shape the future of many companies and industries. Shape your future with us!


Ixivault will save you time by getting to know your data. Ixivault provides a data-vault in Azure blob or Azure ADLS where you can safely put any of your enterprise data, even the lesser-known parts of it.

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A well-tuned appliance will serve customers better than having to build their own stack of solutions.

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