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The unique visuals of SynerScope Iximeer, previously called SynerScope Marcato, allow you to explore all dimensions of your data at once. Multiple visualizations are presented simultaneously, but you interact with them as one. Iximeer will close the gap between the different tools for the different types of data you analyze. This means you can answer your existing questions easier and faster and it will prompt you to ask questions you couldn’t even think of before.

Big Data is always seen as difficult because of the volume of data. We feel that this aspect is less and less of a challenge as hardware is evolving at breakneck speeds. We see variety as the primary challenge in dealing with Big Data: Our world does not revolve around just numbers: It’s geo, text, network, sensors, images, social, and much more.

Existing software is able to deal with just one of these types of data at a time. If you want to do sensemaking across different types of data you will have to manually ‘connect’ your findings across different tools, which leads to slowdowns and is prone to errors. SynerScope Iximeer brings all types of data into one application at the speed of thought, ensuring you are prepared for any type of data that you have or will have in the future.