Enterprise data is gold when it delivers information that leads a company to profiting from opportunities and avoiding risks while keeping costs in check.

Since this year’s Covid-19 crisis there is an even stronger urge to leverage data for digital transformation and innovation.

Complete view & control of your data in the cloud

Software to get on top of all your enterprise data

The cloud offers compute, memory and storage horsepower and efficient cost to get every bit of information extracted from data. But it needs new software instead of a lift&shift of traditional analytical software to really obtain the benefits. And then there is the question what data to transfer to the cloud? Data silos, structured and unstructured data, Dark Data all stand in the way of an easy transfer. GDPR exacerbates this as it introduces three main challenges that Compliance, Risk and Data Protection functions must deal with, and on which they base their advice to the LOBs and Executive leadership:

  • Does your cloud computing connect with the sensitivity of the data you entrusted or want to entrust to the cloud? If a cloud computing solution is chosen where data processing and/or storing are shared between enterprise customers, the risk of data leakage is present.
  • The question which law applies: again the choice of software or software platform determines if sovereignty principles about the physical location at which certain sensitive data is held can be met.
  • The externalization of privacy requires that no cracks exist between the contracts an enterprise makes with software or platform vendors, the services companies, and the cloud vendor.

These are real hurdles in taking maximum advantage of the speed, scalability, flexibility and cost efficiency of the cloud. Much of this potential is lost when an enterprise at best feels safe transferring only parts of their data. The holes in this ‘Emmental’ cheese of data gets even bigger when we realize that most enterprises have near 70% of Dark Data. (Satya Nadella at Microsoft Inspire 2019)

SynerScope Ixivault™

We propose to scan all content of the enterprise data and using the cloud to perform that in a safe way. For this purpose SynerScope introduces its Ixivault™ on Microsoft Azure. The set up is entirely within the enterprise’s own Azure tenant through Azure marketplace. The loading to the cloud and bulk scanning happens there (called a vault). The unknown dark data is transformed into known data and silo-ed data is linked so that a grounded decision on its release for further use can be made. Data that cannot be released for wider use in the enterprise cloud tenant is deleted from the vault. Data that’s safe is published for BI, data science and domain expert’s use by different functional departments in the company. All the original data sets stay safely in the company’s data center.

SynerScope turns Dark Data into Bright Data, ready to be used by human combined with machine intelligence for extracting information and value. Our three main solutions Ixivault™, Ixiwa™ and Iximeer™ are designed to handle any type of data in any combination, fast and flexible. Unstructured text, image and IoT data can easily be linked with structured data from ERP, CRM and other operational systems. To facilitate widespread secure and safe working with the data we support the (self) publishing of data to analytic processes (human-machine) under full linkage to the Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) requirements. Granular content based access control, integration of masking and hashing functions ensure that no eyes will see and no process will use any un-eligible data. (NoXi principle)

To further service the compliance, risk and data protection functions of the company, our systems will log every touch point of the data. Humans and machines can be audited for having worked inside the boundaries of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) set with each Project-DPIA. Providing evidence for an always-appropriate use of data is efficiently supported in SynerScope.


We have built our solution specifically to operate in your own Azure cloud-tenant environment. As an enterprise you directly agree with Microsoft Azure on the SLA’s with regards to data security. Adding SynerScope doesn’t affect these SLA’s and publishing of data inside your enterprise is linked to your own Azure AD set up. SynerScope prefers an Azure set up where all data lives in the ADLS/Blob store (and in its original application source system). We believe data should remain open for use in different applications.

SynerScope is proud to be a partner of Microsoft. We continuously look to exploit the expanding functions of Azure modules. Our serverless architecture provides the flexibility to deploy in any enterprise’s Azure tenant; we gladly welcome you to discuss opportunities to take advantage of your own tenant architecture.

SynerScope Solution

Flexibility and speed of the SynerScope solution is secured by our patented data scanning, matching and visualization technology.
All this we have developed in aid of your move towards a data driven architecture in the cloud, including full compliance and with a view to provide you with significant cost reduction.

The solution is tried and tested to full satisfaction by our clients in the financial & insurance industry & the critical infrastructure industry.

“SynerScope’s platform might best be described as a data lake management product that covers everything from automated ingestion, through discovery and cataloguing to data preparation.” (BloorInDetail – 2018)

SynerScope will bring you:

Cost Reduction

  • Data warehouse optimization / application rationalization
  • Optimized use of data, cloud data storage and your cloud data warehouse architecture
  • SynerScope as migration and data publishing tool
  • Broad use of data in the LOB by domain experts, citizen data scientists or data scientists proper.

Efficiency improvement IT operations

  • Incident/ problem root cause analysis reducing time to repair
  • Reduction of incident and problems
  • Usage of historical data and archives

The SynerScope Solution:

  • Extracting and accelerating insight from data with patented products
  • Open technology on Microsoft Azure
  • Deployment via Microsoft marketplace
  • Stand alone deployment also possible
  • Is complementary to third party data cataloguing tools, and adds considerably to the ease of use of unstructured data
  • Security and compliance proof (traceable & transparent)
  • Fast deployment

SynerScope References:

  • Financial & Insurance industry
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Government (safety regions and smart city)

From Data to Insight and Value


SynerScope’s products help to extract maximum information value from data faster and cut the cost of working with unstructured data:

  • Get much faster with data, with unstructured data
  • Get more flexible with unstructured data, independent of format and content
  • Get fully transparent with unstructured data for trust and audit purposes
  • Get lower TCO for unstructured data preparation by reducing the up-front resource burden

Insight and Value

Use SynerScope when you are in need of continuous monitoring, ad-hoc analysis or answering regulatory questions. Eliminate the problems linked to unstructured data sources:

  • Better customer experience by extracting full context from unstructured data available
  • Faster closing of cases that have many underlying files holding complex unstructured data
  • Improve and accelerate your root cause analytics for quality improvement by bringing in the unstructured data

What Others Say About Us

It may be difficult to explain conceptually what SynerScope brings, but when you see it, something special happens! It facilitates the entire process of accelerating the creation of insight.

SynerScope is helping us to anticipate on changing circumstances through gathering data more efficient and very fast thus being able to compare this data with our historical data.

SynerScope Ixiwa (which is from a Dutch dialect meaning “I see something”) might best be described as a data lake management product that covers everything from automated ingestion, through discovery and cataloguing to data preparation.

BloorInDetail, 2018

The support of SynerScope and KPMG have helped Vivat to activate its customers in full accordance with its duties, and to full satisfaction of the AFM. We managed to complete this within the tight deadlines that were set for this project. KPMG’s experience in risk and compliance with the fast and flexible data analysis tooling from SynerScope, and a tight collaboration with the colleagues of Vivat were crucial for our success in this project.

Sharing knowledge

User Stories

In order to get the best insights, SynerScope’s technology scans, maps and manages your unstructured & structured data sources. Which will ultimately provide you with better data management decisions, mitigate risk and lower the costs of working with ALL data. See our user stories.

White Paper

SynerScope’s Ixiwa, the subject of this paper, and Iximeer, its companion product, specializes in processing the full variety of big data. They process conventional, structured data and they have some unique capabilities for doing so. If you want to read more about its uniqueness, download this whitepaper for free.


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Our Impact

SynerScope 2018: a vision turned into reality

SynerScope: The Movie – 2012: a futuristic vision

SynerScope 2021: The Data Driven WaterBoard

Improving Business Outcomes

At SynerScope we focus on Information Supply Chain Acceleration, we systematically remove the many bottlenecks in the process from data to information value. Data-driven decision-making comes within reach of every knowledge worker in the enterprise.

Our strategy proved to be successful. We are proud of being able to create groundbreaking solutions for leading customers.

Enabling Humans to Master Big Data

We use technology to aid human intellect on its way to a data-driven universe.

Along the way, we have developed groundbreaking inventions, some of which have been patented. We have designed and tested the required workflows in the field. Our products & solutions are already in use at some of the world’s Fortune 5000 companies.

And we are happy to have found partners in the leading Cloud providers of this world.

New Level of Interaction

Many organizations already go beyond BI and standard analytics on their transactional structured data and include point solutions for structured and unstructured data such as location (geo), text, sensors, digital images and video.

However a collection of point solutions will not get you to outperform your competitors or peers. Data transforms to information faster and better if it can be viewed together in a rich combined context through a single pane of glass. SynerScope delivers that technology today with close integration of Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, Search and graph databases.

This opens a new level of interaction with any data combination available at any position in the organization. We develop our products both for front-line and strategic board level decision making.