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Learn more about our products and services


SynerScope is the most powerful new software for analyzing massive amounts of data. It allows analysts and business managers to examine millions of data points easily within a very short period of time. Ultimately, it is not only better at analyzing data than existing software, but it also allows analysis of data that is currently ignored. 


We offer software training and software consultancy services for identifying abnormal link patterns developed over time within transactional data. 

Connectivity and mobility are driving technology into every aspect of our daily lives. This is triggering a flood of data, much of which is unstructured in the form of texts and digital images and video.  For future analytics to cope with this ever broadening stream of data, we must go well beyond capacity enhancements. We can no longer accept that data must remain dark if it doesn’t fit nicely into classic analytic solutions.


A common view on data is essential for all parts of the organizations that want to get maximum benefit from their internal and external data. SynerScope’s design to deliver all data for sense making in a single-pane-of-glass or SPOG is based on its deep knowledge of human cognition. We integrate artificial intelligence, machine learning and the latest deep learning into our solution in order to enhance our ability inate human capabilities for data analysis. While both machines and humans are capable of data analysis, a combination of human and machine will deliver superior results.1


There's an ever-increasing range of point-solutions appearing on the market which are tested on everything from location (geo) to text, digital images, video, and voice data. However, with IoT and the Internet of Everything on the horizon and further increasing the complexity of data analysis challenges, it is difficult to believe that going forward we can handle our data driven world through non-integrated mosaics of tools on our computer screens.

ixiwa & iximeer

SynerScope’s SPOG offering is delivered through a tight integration of technologies. At a scientific level we know our way in language and video analytics, MRI-scanning visualizations and high-performance compute (HPC). At the database level we combine NoSQL (MongoDB), Hadoop (Hortonworks), with in-memory SQL 2 and Enterprise Search. We have put SPARK on top for performance and as an open-source layer for building vertical or customer specific ML. Our unique back-end software parses the data sources in an instant at scale to provide a head-start to any analytics projects by providing a coherent overview. It works equally well with data where no reliable data-scheme is available. This SynerScope Ixiwa,formerly known as SynerScope Legato, part of our stack, is bottom up data driven. It reduces the endless search for those people that may know what data hides in some of the far out corners of the enterprise. From the back-end we ingest the data into our front-end SynerScope Iximeer, formerly known as SynerScope Marcato, its screens designed for collaborative discovery from raw data. This brings complete transparency and clarity, eliminating the need for substantial data cleaning and data modelling and ensuring efficiency in creating insight.


For performance SynerScope packed its entire software stack into an appliance. We believe there are so many moving parts to both the software and the hardware for true Big Data capabilities that a well-tuned appliance will serve customers better than having to build their own stack of solutions. SynerScope is already operating in the field today at insurance enterprises with complex and large IT landscapes. Starting from thousands of files and tens-of-thousands of columns SynerScope can start to provide new insights and discoveries within 72 hours from installing the appliance on-site. The same solution can also be offered by several of the leading cloud providers, which offer a base for rapid expansion of the use of external data first and for many enterprises, soon also for their internal data.

1)  HYDRA a chess computer following in the steps of IBM’s Deep Blue did lose against students aided by common laptops.
2)  SynerScope works with IBM DB2Blu, SAP HANA or Exasol


We see variety as the primary challenge in dealing with Big Data: Our world does not revolve around just numbers: It’s geo, text, network, sensors, images, social, and much more.

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Where others focus on building the data-lake, we focus on getting the data-lake to value, by getting data in front of people in as many facets of your organization as possible.

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