SynerScope Solutions

Each year the amount of data that enterprises capture and store doubles, nearly 80% of the data stored is never analyzed because of technological and cost constraints. This leaves valuable information and insight into untapped which could lead to better decision making. SynerScope provides a fast and affordable solution that turns this Dark Data into valuable insights  for your enterprise overnight.

Out of the box

External and IoT data are rapidly gaining in importance. Together with Dark Data this pushes the complexity of data linking to a scale that will be 1000x bigger in 2020 for many enterprises. This flood of data demands C-level involvement in technology strategy. Patching existing systems or moving existing workflows to the cloud alone will not get you to world class standard using data. Business and IT leaders need to take a joint interest defining the next generation of IT infrastructure for their organizations. Out-of-the-box experimenting with data, such that SynerScope allows, is needed to learn fast.

New level of interaction

Many organizations already go beyond BI and standard analytics on their transactional structured data and include point solutions for structured and unstructured data such as location (geo), text, sensors, digital images and video. However a collection of point solutions will not get you to outperform your competitors or peers. Data transforms to information faster and better if it can be viewed together in a rich combined context through a single pane of glass. SynerScope delivers that technology today with close integration of Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL, Search and graph databases. This opens a new level of interaction with any data combination available at any position in the organization. We develop our products both for front-line and strategic board level decision making.

All data in a single pane of glass

SynerScope delivers the single-pane-of-glass (SPOG) solution that brings all the right information in one place. Our SPOG solution combines  high-performance-compute (HPC) software and scientific visualizations all running on a hyper converged system that was carefully engineered by our development teams. The team has over a 100years experience building high performance systems, from science, medical imaging and business. We let our clients do what they are best at, work with the data in the sectors they understand. We support them by packing our engineering skills into the world’s most performant systems for handling all data.


Ixivault will save you time by getting to know your data. Ixivault provides a data-vault in Azure blob or Azure ADLS where you can safely put any of your enterprise data, even the lesser-known parts of it.

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A well-tuned appliance will serve customers better than having to build their own stack of solutions.

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Financial Services

We can help you create a Data-Driven Advantage in Financial Services. Whether in the Insurance Industry or the Banking Industry.

Critical infrastructure

We support governments and (semi) public organizations in providing the data they need to confront a wide variety of threats.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

We can help you reshape the way your organization approaches data privacy under GDPR.