Critical Infrastructure

Governments and (semi)- public organizations are responsible for a stable, safe and reliable infrastructure. This requires a balanced approach across many different assets that are critical for society and the economy.

Critical Infrastructure deals with some of the most varied data possible. Transport, energy, water, oil&gas and telecommunication all run very large and complex operations. The operating capability of their assets, field engineers and operators often depends on the weather. While their sensor and video surveillance systems provide remote control capabilities.

The very nature of their business and systems means they are vulnerable to attacks over cyber vectors. In this environment, SynerScope’s single-pane-of-glass solution (SPOG) provides a unique and fast integrated environment for sense-making from all data sources.


Resource planning at Grid operator

To ensure a reliable power supply and to develop new services and applications, grid operators are replacing traditional meters with ‘smart’ connected meters. With 2 million conventional meters to be replaced with smart meters in the next three years this grid operator runs a massive field operation.

SynerScope helps reduce the fault rate from 10% to 1% for first time visits. As a result the company can save up to €4.5 million for every million meter replacements.

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Incidents in Healthcare

The Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) uses SynerScope to analyze its data, to easily find all text that deals with specific patients details and this enabled them to capture the wrongly categorized incidents.

SynerScope’s Iximeer also provided them with the functionality to learn more from their data, as it allowed them to combine the different data sources into one (1) visualization tool. This enriched data can now be analyzed fast and in-depth, and provides LUMC with new knowledge on existing data that enables them to keep continuously improving the quality of care.

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Traffic accidents

Traffic accidents in the Netherlands are recorded by the government traffic department: ‘Rijkswaterstaat”. The data collected by Rijkswaterstaat during the past ten years, contains different information like coordinates, figures, text, times, etc.

Learn how SynerScope can help get immediate insight into different types of data: structured and unstructured.

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Ixivault will save you time by getting to know your data. Ixivault provides a data-vault in Azure blob or Azure ADLS where you can safely put any of your enterprise data, even the lesser-known parts of it.

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A well-tuned appliance will serve customers better than having to build their own stack of solutions.

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Financial Services

We can help you create a Data-Driven Advantage in Financial Services. Whether in the Insurance Industry or the Banking Industry.

Critical infrastructure

We support governments and (semi) public organizations in providing the data they need to confront a wide variety of threats.

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We can help you reshape the way your organization approaches data privacy under GDPR.