SynerScope featured in Financial Times

Excited to be featured in FT!

We are happy with this report on Risk Management Technology in the Financial Times. SynerScope was one of ten companies in a full page article titled “Insurtech startups causing a stir”.

The start-ups are targeting all parts of insurance. Some focus on distribution, using new technology to reach consumers that traditional insurers miss. Others, like SynerScope, are looking at analytics, helping insurers to use data to make better underwriting decisions. Blockchain — the technology that underpins bitcoin — is increasingly popular, while health insurance has been a big area of start-up activity in the US. Nor have start-ups ignored the potential of the “internet of things” — the growing use of data-collecting devices in everyday items, from cars using telematics systems to connected homes.” (FT, October 3, 2016)

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