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What can 3 world-class Michelin chefs teach us about Big Data?

Author: Jan-Kees Buenen

Heston Blumenthal. Grant Achatz. Joan Roca. Names that are on the list of the most awarded chefs in the world.

They have been leaders in the global gastronomic sector in the last years and are known for their innovative, emotional and modernist approaches. They are famous for fusing food and tech.

And what possibly links these master chefs with big data?

Firstly, they turn common ingredients (“raw data”) into stunning dishes (“using new unique insights”) with the help of science. They have proven that combining science, technology & human touch creates incredible results. One could even go further and say that the combination of these passionate minds and advanced technologies make un-imaginable results possible.

Look at Heston Blumenthal, the mad scientist and genius chef. He has great knowledge of his business and he’s completely devoted to his passion. What makes him so successful, however , is taking science into his routine. Unique insights are generated by putting together daily ingredients and high-tech utensils, like dehydrators and cartouches. Scientific tools enable him to leverage his creativity.

Secondly, they don’t work in a messy and dirty environment. Their staff is very organized. The kitchen and their labs are always clean. They only work with the best ingredients. They take utmost care of their mise-en-place to never miss any single ingredient when arranging the plate. It is this final touch, sometimes done in the blink of an eye, that brings together all those efforts that create a high-quality experience. “It’s an immense amount of work in a very strict, almost military-like, environment”, says Grant Achatz.

In Big Data we could well learn from those chefs. Cognitive analytics, artificial intelligence and deep learning are the scientific instruments to help create better information. However, insert messy or badly known data, have poor “data-kitchen” practices, operate the data preparation and data science stations at a too big distance from business reality and no science in the world will show good results. When you have a “spaghetti” of models and spreadsheets with messy data you very likely get “garbage in garbage out” results.

Finally, these master chefs had the courage to leave the well-trodden paths of cuisine and they never stop learning. “I’m always pushing the creative envelope and experimenting in the kitchen. But the key to becoming a top chef is taking time to master the fundamentals”, Joan Rocca asserts.

Big Data also requires business leaders to master the basics, push the creative envelope and continue experimenting. Data volumes and sources – sensor, speech, images, audio, video – will continue to grow. The volume and speed of data available from digital channels will continue to outpace manual decision-making. Business leaders, like master chefs, will need to leave the path that once made sense in order to succeed and stand-out in the data-driven world.

Signature dishes like Sound of the sea, Apple Ballloons and Pig Trotter Carpaccio delight so many of us. To achieve similar cutting-edge results with data, why not take your inspiration from chefs?


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SynerScope is shaping the future with disruptive High Speed Big Data Analytics Technologies

SynerScope is shaping the future of Law Enforcement and National security agencies with disruptive High Speed Big Data Analytics Technologies.

The Netherlands, 12 June 2017. The explosion of crimes, terrorists acts and cyberthreats and the amount of data to collect and analyse to deal with those threats, create a new challenge to achieve maximum protection and anticipation.

SynerScope Ultra-Fast Big data Analytics appliances will provide unique analytics solutions, fast investigations/exploration to Governments, National Security agencies and Law Enforcement bodies with an efficiency, a speed and a price never delivered to date in the market.

SynerScope data science and predictive analytics technologies help Analysts in storing, processing, analysing and do quick findings in large amount of structured (geo location, air traffic data, sensors data, license-plate readers, travel and credit-card records) and unstructured data (text documents, message traffic, phone data, social media data, speeches, images…).

Speed is achieved without the need of any upfront data modelling and cleaning. Cost efficiency is achieved using mass storage on a Hortonworks Hadoop Data lake.

This new market of mining billions of records of structured and unstructured data and crunching the data to find crucial clues, is pushed by intelligence and law enforcement agencies to use big data technologies to find suspicious activities  and predict crimes or terrorist acts before they happen. According to research firm MarketsandMarkets, the market for those new technologies is estimated to reach $9.2 billion by 2020, up from $3 billion in 2015.

About SynerScope

SynerScope, the next generation platform that provides analytics solutions to help discover critical insights from massive amounts of data, including dark data, and turning it into useful information and insights. SynerScope combines Scientific Visualization Technologies (MRI scanner), ultrafast predictive analytics and machine learning on top of its proprietary enterprise data navigation, -search and -linking.

This technology stack provides enterprises high speed detection of abnormal behaviours and anomalies in complex data. SynerScope operates in the following sectors: Banking, Insurance, Critical Infrastructure, and Cyber Security. Learn more at synerscope.com.

Synerscope has strategic partnerships with Hortonworks, Nvidia, IBM, SAP and Dell.


Marieke Beijsens

+31 (0)6 2364 4933

Email: marketing@synerscope.com

SynerScope announces Gold ISV partner status for Hortonworks

January 16, 2017, The Netherlands – SynerScope, the Big Data Analytics innovator, today announced its GOLD ISV status for Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF). Hortonworks, a leading innovator of open and connected data platforms has certified SynerScope’s solution and expertise for the Insurance Industry.  As a member of the Hortonworks Partnerworks community, SynerScope is able to develop, test, certify, deploy and support joint solutions as well as gain access to technical and marketing resources.

Jan-Kees Buenen, CEO of SynerScope, said:  “Insurance companies often need to act really quickly due to suddenly changing circumstances. This requires fast decision-making based on current data.  Customers are keen to find and fully understand data patterns to enable insight and action that directly impact business objectives.  We believe our partnership with Hortonworks will give the insurance industry instruments for real-time, ultra-fast decision making by domain experts for continuous improvement.”

The insurance industry is undergoing a radical transformation and regulators are demanding greater focus on solvability. The Hortonworks certified SynerScope solution enables customers to reduce costs and risks, improve efficiency, generate new revenue, drive growth and comply with regulations. SynerScope has linked its advanced high speed visualization technology to HDP. This combination provides machine learning and advanced analysis but also helps avoid creating any specific database lock-ins.  NoSQL, Search and in-memory SQL integrated databases complete the technology stack that allows insurance carriers and other enterprises to become data driven in strategic analysis and operations.

Cindy Maike, general manager for insurance at Hortonworks, commented: “Our customers want insights delivered at the speed of business. Synerscope accelerates customer success with reduced implementation times with its insurance industry knowledge and expertise.”



Kaspersky and Synerscope join forces to battle cyberthreats with Big Aata Analytics

We are thrilled to announce the partnership between Kaspersky Lab, the world largest privately owned cybersecurity company and SynerScope. We will work together to build a unique innovative offering in the fight against fraud and financially based cybercrime by combining Kaspersky Lab’s powerful Fraud Prevention solutions with SynerScope’s ultra-fast big data analytics technologies. Together, Kaspersky Labs and SynerScope provide a unique sharable interface on cyber data that has tremendous potential. The partnership is set to shape the future of cybersecurity, law enforcement and intelligence services.

CEO of SynerScope, Jan-Kees Buenen says: “With our technology, we can take structured and unstructured data from malware, phishing, spam, texting, social media and digital images and reveal a clearer picture of cyberthreats faced by organisations. This is achieved by running the data through ultra-fast appliances using Dell, IBM and Nvidia components which drastically increases the volume of data that can be brought into scope. In turn, this enables security experts to better understand and make better decisions on how to thwart imminent attacks.” “The future of understanding malware, threats, intrusion and abnormal behaviours lies in data science technologies, ultrafast predictive analytics and machine learning, thus, together with Kaspersky Lab we can take cybersecurity to a new frontier.”

Alex Moiseev, Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab Europe, said he sees great potential in his company’s partnership with SynerScope. “Not only do we see an immediate opportunity to combine our technologies and create an offering of genuine value that can help in the fight against fraud and cybercrime, but we see future opportunities to work together to create cutting edge and never-seen-before solutions to shore up cybersecurity defences and keep the financial industry safe,” Moiseev said. “It’s just the beginning of our relationship with SynerScope, but we can already see a path upon which to walk with them. I am confident that with our combined strengths, intelligence and research capabilities, it’s a path which will lead us to exciting developments in years to come.”



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