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Why 2019 will be all about End User Computing?

Author: Jan-Kees Buenen

As 2019 approaches, it’s time to look back at all the IT initiatives in that have happened and see what has shaped 2018.  End user computing, applications aimed to better integrate end users into the computing system environment, will surely definitely be high on the list.

With the pace of change in data monitoring and management in 2018, the world of End User Computing (EUC) looks a lot different than it did just one year ago. Developments in AI, cloud-based technology and analytics brought a new horizon to the scene. 

Some products were replaced, others simply disappeared and several innovations emerged to fill holes many IT pros and business leaders didn’t even know they had. Many of these new technologies were launched to allow businesses to have timely insights.

In recent years, employees couldn’t solve a task or a problem promptly simply because they were lacking in data. New technologies allow businesses and users to evolve exponentially in their daily analysis. Real-time decisions are now possible. Companies can quickly deploy solutions to adapt to changes in the most dynamic markets.

A lot of business leaders still lose sleep over some well-known challenges concerning EUC management. A quick search finds us hundreds of cases in 2018 of misstated financial statement, compliance violations, cybersecurity threats and audit findings. All issues resulting from breakdowns in EUC control.

EUC requirements for today’s enterprises are typically complex and costly. “Employees working from multiple devices and remotely represent a tremendous IT task to manage endpoints…”, said Jed Ayres in a blog post on Forbes, “… add to that constant operating system (OS) migration demands and increasing cost pressures, and EUC might be IT’s greatest challenge”,

2018 was also the year in which leading players from different (and unexpected!) sectors tried to help companies solve the challenges around EUC management. Solutions aimed at solving many of the traditional end user computing issues mentioned above. Some examples:

  • KPMG released a Global Insights Pulse survey that shows a growing number of finance organizations using emerging technologies to enable next-generation finance target operating models
  • Deloitte launched an enterprise-level program for managing EUCs. The initiative provides organizations with a framework for managing and controlling EUC holistically
  • Forrester, for the first time, released an evaluation of the top 12 unified endpoint management solutions available on the market


Given the increase in the regulation and security constraints, we can expect organizations to continue to face EUC challenges in 2019. It will be crucial for business leaders and IT pros to find solutions that manage, secure and optimize data if they want to succeed in the digital transformation value chain.

New holistic approaches and innovative technologies indicate an exciting year of 2019, with an increasing range of disruptive EUC solutions. Innovations deployed by leading players like Microsoft and Citrix and highly specialized companies and start-ups.

As we wind down 2018 and look ahead to a bright new year, yes, it will be all about end user computing.