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Big Data Expo Utrecht

Big Data Expo is a platform that unites people and knowledge in regard to big data. But what exactly is big data?

What is Big Data?

When data is collected in databases, this can be analysed and create new insights. The information can be used to improve as an employee as well as a company. Data shows what works and what should be focused on in regard to business management. However, the amount of data is increasing rapidly, changes continuously and is often incoherent and consequently unstructured. Correctly interpreting big amounts of data – in the right context – requires expertise and, therefore, specialists. Because it is not a questions of if companies should gain insights from big data, but how to use big data most effectively.

Correctly interpreting big amounts of data

That is why the two-day event Big Data Expo unites these specialists of different big data disciplines and of different levels and bring them into contact with you. An event to give exhibitors and speakers a platform to share their knowledge and expertise with a big but specific audience that is looking for solutions to turn their data into relevant and insightful information. Because inspiring people and providing them with the necessary tools is essential.

Driven by innovation

That is why proudly present the Big Data Expo. The perfect event uniting the supply and demand of big data, driven by innovation and sharing expertise. A valuable asset in a world that is becoming more and more digital, because that is exactly what Big Data Expo is all about.

The expo floor; the place knowledge is gained

This is where dozens of exhibitors from different fields present new solutions and innovations to visitors. Additionally, there will numerous lectures during the expo where specialists will share their expertise. All this to provide visitors with outlines as well as in-depth information regarding big data solutions and trends.


Interested in lectures and our expert speakers? Take a look at the programme and discover the full list of lectures.