Webinar on 25 June 2020

Follow-on webinar: How to reduce the burden of document analysis (webinar in Dutch).

Op donderdag 25 juni houdt SynerScope een verdiepend webinar, inclusief software demo, naar aanleiding van het Microsoft Event op 12 juni 2020.

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Companies that will recover rapidly also need to develop their response to Covid-19 rapidly, harnessing all the data available to them as a weapon in the fight against the virus. The superior information available from our Covid-19 attack radar platform and app will enable just that: know where, when and what action to take.

You need insight and granular detail about the impact of the virus on your people and processes now. Combine new but proven technology with your existing data including data you never used before (your dark data). Look ahead, look back and look at everything. Pulling together all the possible data drives better decisions in times of crisis. This information will support decision-making at all levels, always with full transparency up and down the ranks. Information with rich context puts knowledge rather than guesswork in the driving seat.

Learnings: Taiwan, China, and South Korea

In Taiwan, China and South Korea, big-data analytics are helping to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of its past experience with the SARS-1 virus in 2003, Taiwan was one of the first countries outside of China to take preventive measures against the virus. Taiwan used the GPS locations of passengers aboard the cruise ship Princess Diamond to track their movements throughout Taiwan in order to determine with whom they had been in contact. Everyone who had possibly been in contact with one of the passengers was placed in a 14-day quarantine. South Korea and China have also leveraged geo-data in order to combat the virus.

Use of data within organisations

Organisations in a crisis environment must excel in two-way communication to maintain and build trust in the workforce. Rapid, coordinated responses require top-down leadership. But adapting to un-predictable change, with distinct dynamics in different departments, also requires decentralised initiative-taking. In vital sectors, it is even more important to provide employees with detailed information. At some point during the Corona virus outbreak, people and teams in these sectors will have to work under circumstances of some risk to their health (if not already).

Reliable information in order to get the employees (sometimes already divided into two or more teams) with the right skill mix to the right locations with the best instructions for protecting their safety will be vital. SynerScope has already proven to be able to provide information with 99.9% accuracy to mechanics before they arrive on-site.

All companies will have to deal with employees infected by the virus. But we cannot tell where, when or how severely infections will impact our teams. What data is available to adequately inform and question employees? What should we do? What should we let teams decide? How should we separate teams and individuals to slow the advance of the virus? What tailor-made advice should we give each of our staff members? How do we keep teams with all the necessary capabilities and skills available? How can we obtain feedback from the frontline of our company to obtain a more complete picture? How can we distribute learnings throughout the organisation? And finally, Covid-19 is going to be affecting us for months rather than weeks?. We need to prepare for the longer term too.

unstructured data synerscopeThe technology and data, including dark data, are available to have an action-oriented Covid-19 platform, including an app in place to respond to the impact. By supporting companies, this will also help society as a whole. We propose a separate private sector and public sector approach, although both may soon be able to use the exact same data, as the AVG/ GDPR limitations on the use of data are being relaxed by the EU authorities in an attempt to combat Covid-19. Together we can now enter the fight against Covid-19 with more information to hand than ever before.

The Covid-19 attack radar platform for companies

Our SynerScope platform, including a corresponding Covid-19 app, for collecting feedback from all company employees can be up and running within a single day.

The company will need to input data from calendar, e-mail and workforce planning systems. Other sources such GPS traces can also potentially be used. The EU is relaxing its rules on privacy to help combat Covid-19 and the use of GPS traces may shortly be an option.

The SynerScope solution is already in use by banks and insurance companies for processing highly sensitive data. The platform is secure and has been extensively tested for privacy-sensitive data.

SynerScope has broad experience in setting up customer-specific environments on secure KPN and Azure cloud environments.

What does the Covid-19 attack radar platform offer?

  • Know where and what action to take.unstructured data
  • Through this solution, we can, for example, very specifically identify where new Corona-positive cases arise within an organisation. Tracking contact networks is an out-of-the-box functionality.
  • For these (sub) networks we can send an automatic push notification requesting feedback from the frontline and reallocating resources.
  • Subsequently, targeted personal or work instructions will be possible, such as, for example, mandating self-isolation or joining the work schedule of another team (for example allocating critical workforce in vital sectors).
  • The more infections and recoveries there will be, the more important it becomes to understand this insight, considering its impact on a company’s critical workforce (certainly relevant for companies that are classified as vital for Dutch society). This also applies to companies that have split their workforce into groups already (e.g. ABN AMRO, NN and ASML).

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From Data to Insight and Value


SynerScope’s products help to extract maximum information value from data faster and cut the cost of working with unstructured data:

  • Get much faster with data, with unstructured data
  • Get more flexible with unstructured data, independent of format and content
  • Get fully transparent with unstructured data for trust and audit purposes
  • Get lower TCO for unstructured data preparation by reducing the up-front resource burden

Insight and Value

Use SynerScope when you are in need of continuous monitoring, ad-hoc analysis or answering regulatory questions. Eliminate the problems linked to unstructured data sources:

  • Better customer experience by extracting full context from unstructured data available
  • Faster closing of cases that have many underlying files holding complex unstructured data
  • Improve and accelerate your root cause analytics for quality improvement by bringing in the unstructured data

What Others Say About Us

SynerScope Ixiwa (which is from a Dutch dialect meaning “I see something”) might best be described as a data lake management product that covers everything from automated ingestion, through discovery and cataloguing to data preparation.

BloorInDetail, 2018

The support of SynerScope and KPMG have helped Vivat to activate its customers in full accordance with its duties, and to full satisfaction of the AFM. We managed to complete this within the tight deadlines that were set for this project. KPMG’s experience in risk and compliance with the fast and flexible data analysis tooling from SynerScope, and a tight collaboration with the colleagues of Vivat were crucial for our success in this project.

Sharing knowledge

User Stories

In order to get the best insights, SynerScope’s technology scans, maps and manages your unstructured & structured data sources. Which will ultimately provide you with better data management decisions, mitigate risk and lower the costs of working with ALL data. See our user stories.

White Paper

SynerScope’s Ixiwa, the subject of this paper, and Iximeer, its companion product, specializes in processing the full variety of big data. They process conventional, structured data and they have some unique capabilities for doing so. If you want to read more about its uniqueness, download this whitepaper for free.

unstructured data

Our Impact

SynerScope 2018: a vision turned into reality

SynerScope: The Movie – 2012: a futuristic vision

Improving Business Outcomes

At SynerScope we focus on Information Supply Chain Acceleration, we systematically remove the many bottlenecks in the process from data to information value. Data-driven decision-making comes within reach of every knowledge worker in the enterprise.

Our strategy proved to be successful. We are proud of being able to create groundbreaking solutions for leading customers.

Enabling Humans to Master Big Data

We use technology to aid human intellect on its way to a data-driven universe.

Along the way, we have developed groundbreaking inventions, some of which have been patented. We have designed and tested the required workflows in the field. Our products & solutions are already in use at some of the world’s Fortune 5000 companies.

And we are happy to have found partners in the leading Cloud providers of this world.