Covid-19 Radar Webinar

Path to the New Normal…

Return to work with the Health, Safety and Privacy of People at the forefront.

The return to work following a major disruption brings about a new set of business and operational dynamics.  Organizations must plan for more disruptions and develop plans that maintain the health and well-being of their employees while managing business continuity.

According to Fosway Group research, C-level executives are asking Human Resources to identify at risk employees, yet 70% of HR respondents don’t believe they have the skills required to easily analyze and predict those that are at risk.

COVID-19 Radar platform

In this session, Jan-Kees Buenen and Cindy Maike discuss how to proactively develop your workplace safety strategy to help ensure the health, safety and privacy of your teams.  Join us to learn more about:

  • Activating workplace safety considerations such as communications, employee resource planning and facilities / business operations.

  • Creating a “Virus Operations Center” and how to leverage secure data tracking to identify the pool of skills available within your employees to maintain business continuity and options for re-configuration as needed.

  • Developing early warning and response systems to anticipate where attention is needed.

  • Preparing with SynerScope’s COVID-19 Radar platform.

Covid-19 Radar Platform Webinar


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Duration Webinar: 35 minutes

Jan-Kees Buenen, CEO SynerScope
Cindy Maike, VP of Industry Solutions at Cloudera